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Multiple choices of Hospital Management Software to choose yours hospital needs

Serving the needs of single and multispecialty hospitals of different sizes with our most user friendly yet affordable range of HospitUX applications. You can upgrade to the higher version of the applications as your business grows. No upfront investments on the hardware and software. The application runs seamlessly with the optimal broadband / Internet speed.

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    Smart Appointment Application

    1 user
    Upto 3 Doctors
    Upto 3000 messages / month

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    Single Doctor Clinic Application

    1 user

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    Single Doctor Clinic Application + Appointment

    2 users
    Upto 1000 messages / month

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    For Multispeciality Hospitals

    7 users
    Upto 3 doctors
    Upto 3000 messages / month

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Globally, healthcare industry is adapting to the latest digital technologies for a better and improved overall operational efficiency. Service-as-product solutions have become a powerful tool to achieve competitive advantage in healthcare. Cloud technology has emerged as a core platform across multiple sectors, as healthcare stakeholders demand cost efficiency, data safety and easy retrieval.

HospitUX is a cloud- based, hospital management software designed to serve hospitals of any sizes and categories. Bundled with the most advanced features, yet priced more economically. Backed with superior post-sales support, the clients get more value for less investment.

HospitUX is the product of UX Business Solutions, an India based company, All the modules are designed and development with the most advanced features and technologies, keeping in mind that every stake holder should reap the greater benefits.



Access from anywhere with any device

HospitUX applications are designed to work best on every screen and device. Page widths, colors, fonts, links, text, graphics, and videos are adjusted automatically to match the shape and dimensions of everything from a HD monitor to a smartphone.

HospitUX is built with the latest technologies and hosted in the most secured cloud servers. Users can access the application and data from any part of the globe, on the go, with their choices of devices.

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